2013′s A Wrap

Thank you to everyone who stopped by this year’s Coyote Con!  If you have any comments about ways to make Coyote Con better for next year, we’d love to hear them.  Either comment here or send me an email (joelysueburkhart AT gmail DOT com).

Coyote Con isn’t “dead” until next year though.  We love NaNoWriMo around here, so we plan to have some word wars this month in the chat rooms.  Watch for announcements on Twitter and Facebook!

And please pencil in Oct 16-19 for Coyote Con 2014!

Live Movie Slam this Saturday: IMMORTALS

MovieSlam_Badge-02Love movies? Love epic fantasy flicks? Love Henry Cavill? (Who doesn’t!?!?)

Join us at 9 p.m. EST Saturday, Oct. 19 for the Movie Slam, hosted by the authors of Here Be Magic, as we watch Immortals together.

Simply rent or pop in your DVD/Bluray of the film at 9 p.m. EST and join us either on Twitter using the hashtag #HBMovie or in the Raven chatroom here on the Coyote Con website to make comments as you watch. It’s all good-natured fun, so please, no mean-spirited bashing!

“Immortals” is available to stream on Netflix, Amazon and Vudu.

We hope to see you there!

Top Ten Reasons to Attend Coyote Con

Coyote2013_BadgeThe first weekend of incredible panels is over.  If you didn’t make it, you missed brainstorming with other writers–both published and inspiring–about different ways to research, defining magic systems, and even using tarot to help worldbuild.  You missed chatting about fantastic books in our favorite genres.  And you missed drooling over David Tennant in the 2011 Fright Night Movie Slam!

(Not to worry – you can read the transcripts from the panels.)

Want more reasons to attend next weekend?  Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Attend Coyote Con this year!

10. Coyote Con welcomes writers and readers of all flavors of SFF, horror, and romance.

9. You don’t have to change out of your pajamas to talk with other enthusiastic and entertaining people.  Just bring your computer or smartphone.

8. You certainly don’t have to pay an airline to lose or damage your luggage!  (Let alone pack.)

7. It’s fun!  Come celebrate your love of fables, mythology, researching obscure monasteries, the nuances of language and words, and general geekiness!

6. Network with other writers.  Ask published authors questions in an informal no-pressure setting.

5. Or chat with authors in your favorite genres and add some great books to your TBR pile.

4. The chat software makes it easy to follow along, even if you’re on the road, as long as you have a smartphone.  Just scan the Qcode on the chat page, or navigate through your browser to the chat page and access the mobile app.

3. Come and drool–I mean appreciate–man candy like Colin Farrell and David Tennant in Fright Night and laugh at the cheesy movie goodness!  This Saturday, we plan to watch The Immortals with Henry Cavill (available for streaming on Netflix).

2. Learn more about interesting topics.  This coming weekend, we’re going to have panels on Science Fiction, Steampunk, Epic Fantasy, Motivation, Self Publishing, LGBTQ/Diversity, Audiobooks, Urban Fantasy, Angels and Demons, Tarot, Finishing the Book, Synopses, and the Hero’s Journey.

1. Did I say it’s FREE?

We hope to see you Friday night, starting at 7 ET!

Chat Rooms are Live

We’re scrambling to get everything into place and finalizing the schedule, so keep an eye out for changes over the next few days!  The first major change is the addition of the chat rooms.  Feel free to enter the rooms and play around a little to familiarize yourself with the new software.

A few notes.

You do NOT have to register on the site for a WordPress id like last year.

You can enter the chats much easier this year, a major complaint of the software we used last year.  You can simply enter your name and enter as a guest without any specific login credentials.  Hopefully this will make it easier for our attendees this year.

To make the chat room bigger, click on the third icon in the upper right hand corner (a square with an arrow).  This will pop the chat room out to a new window.

The coolest function of the chat room is the “QR” icon in the upper right hand corner of the chat window.  You can scan the Q code with your smartphone and enter the chat rooms that way.  So you can talk with us via iPad, iPhone, laptop, etc. whatever’s the most convenient.

If you experience any problems with the chat or have any questions that I haven’t addressed on the FAQ page, please let me know.

Are You Ready for 2013?

We DO plan to have Coyote Con again this fall!  I’ve started tinkering with the site set up, examining new chat room options, etc.  I disabled the forums and removed the link from this website.  The spam was constant and annoying and very few people ever utilized the forums (including myself).

If you have a workshop proposal you want to get in for this year, you can always email me the idea (joelysueburkhart AT gmail DOT com).  I’ve been busy with my writing schedule this year so I haven’t contacted any of last year’s participants yet.  I know for sure I plan to spread the conference out a little to make it easier for people to attend.  Many of our early morning sessions were sparsely attended, although we will have morning sessions just to make sure our overseas contributors aren’t up at 3 AM to participate.

More to come!